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Martha's Vineyard while on our Cape Cod Trip in 2015

National Harbor Bus Trip

Niagara Falls Bus Trip

Interested in going to Disney World in 2018?

​I have a group trip going to Disney November 1-10th.  It is a build your own trip but at Group Rates.  I have 3 resorts booked for the trip.

You can choose from: All-Star Sports Resort, Caribbean Beach Resort or The Polynesian Resort

Once you choose which resort you want we will build this package just for you and your family/friends.  Please click on the above picture to take you to the page with all of the prices and more.

​As soon as you are ready to book let me know because everything is on a first come first serve basis.


Hi There, My name is Anthony aka The Dude.  I work for Blue Seas Travel Agency plus I have been planning bus trips since 2000.  I will be able to assist you in any type of trip you are interested in (local or afar).

I have been planning bus trips since 2000.  Now I plan group trips & Bus trips.  Below you will see trips I have coming up in 2018.  If you have suggestions on local bus trips leaving out of Baltimore, MD please EMAIL ME to let me know.

Disney World 2018


Whale Watching in Provincetown while on our Cape Cod Trip in 2015


Alaska 2017

The Dude