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Are you interested in learning Line Dancing?  Line Dancing is a great way to get exercise, listen to good music & meet new people.  Click on the picture above for more information.


Royaltie Gem's with the dude

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Want to know what events I am running or participating in?  Just click the above picture to find out all of the information.‚Äč

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Click on the above picture to view pictures of everyone line dancing.

If you love Salt Water Taffy you will love the flavors from The Dude's Taffy Shop.  There are over 65 regular flavors & 10 Sugar Free Flavors.

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By clicking on the above picture you will be able to see and print out the step sheets from dances that I have taught in my classes.

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Do you have a group or organization looking to do a fundraiser?  Click the picture above to find out how I can help you raise money.

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I love to plan bus trips.  Make sure to check out to see what kind of trips I have coming up!

With over 20 varieties of Gourmet Popcorn this company has the best tasting popcorn ever.  You can buy from a snack size to a large size.  Did I say delicious!